The main objective of ENGINE is to develop a first-time-right and zero-defect metal product design and manufacturing system, then demonstrate it on marine engine supply-chain.

Our ambition is to increase competitiveness of industry and SMEs, reduce manufacturing defects and waste, create new business cases, and improve employee well-being.

To achieve it ENGINE will

Create and demonstrate a novel metal product design and manufacturing system.

Develop computational modelling toolbox for product and process design, non-destructive diagnostic tools for production monitoring, and data solution for seamless integration of the whole suply-chain.

Research methodologies for first-time-right and zero-defect manufacturing.

Investigate life-cycle analysis and life-cycle cost methods for design and business decisions.

Present a strategy for employee skills development.

Transform innovations into promising business cases.

Market potential of the ENGINE technology

Assuming the current market shares, we expect an increase in turnover 2 000M EUR/year. When we succeed in the deployment plans of ENGINE, and we can decrease the cost per kilowatt, we can assume to double the current market share, thus leading another increase of 2 000M EUR/year. ENGINE is paramount to ensure the manufacturing quality and technical feasibility of new environmentally friendly fuel engines.

Environmental impact

The ENGINE technology will create a huge impact on global CO2 emissions. We estimate that annually CO2 emissions will be reduced by 170 million tons through green fuel engines with the expected market share. Europeans demand minimal environmental impact of industry with 93% seeing climate change as a serious problem and 51% thinking that business and industry are responsible for tackling it. Environmental impact can be reduced by shrinking manufacturing footprint and increasing the attractiveness of products with low lifetime footprint. The first will be tackled by shifting the design process to first-time-right manufacturing to digital space and employing zero-defect manufacturing systems. The second will be addressed by reducing product time-to-market, manufacturing waste and integrating lifecycle assessments in design and business decisions.

ENGINE Fast Facts

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ENGINE Consortium

ENGINE has gathered a skilled, interdisciplinary and intersectoral consortium with complimentary expertise including research partners, technology providers, manufacturing companies, standardization specialists, skills development and dissemination and exploitation experts.