ENGINE M24 General Assembly


Buckle up, and let’s go to the ENGINE M24 General Assembly!

The ENGINE team is meeting today and tomorrow (June 18-19) at Valmiera, Latvia, in a general assembly hosted by Valmieras Tehnikum (VALTEH).

The day started with a session on ENGINE system and LCA and presentations from WARTSILA, Advantisys, The University of Oulu and Green Delta and will continue with a session on Casting and forging where ABS, WARTSILA, VTT and Siderforgerossi will present.

M24 General Assembly will continue with a session on Nondestructive evaluation from Nome Oy, University of Oulu, Wärtsilä, AeonX AI, Acciaierie Bertoli Safau SpA and Tampere University.

After a short break, the ENGINE team will meet for one last session today on Administrative, communication and skills by Valmieras tehnikums, VTT and RTD Talos.

What a day!

Photos from yesterday’s pre-meeting: